Laxlife Revolutionizes Coaching With Story-Based Practice Plans

March 17, 2024 / Blog / 0 Comments

Over the past 8 years Laxlife has been tackling the issue of how to engage youngsters 3-6 years old in sports, on our quest to introduce the game of lacrosse to as many young folks as possible. Laxlife has since created 8 FREE story-based lacrosse practice plans, in what they have branded it’s totLax series of practices, are available for free at and within their recently released app available in Google Play and The App Store.

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Sixes Lacrosse: The Future of Inclusion

November 19, 2023 / Blog / 0 Comments

Monday, October 16, 2023 will forever go down in history as a game changing moment in the growth and popularity of lacrosse worldwide. This was the day it was announced that lacrosse will once again be included in the Olympics, in 2028, for the first time since 1948 and utilizing the newly established “sixes” lacrosse discipline.

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Sixes Lacrosse: Rules Overview & Suggestions

October 31, 2023 / Blog / 0 Comments

After having read the sixes rulebook cover to cover ( and studying almost every sixes lacrosse resource available on the internet, it’s time to take a look at the rules of the sixes discipline and offer up a few suggestions on improvements that could be made.

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Sixes Lacrosse: The Science of Sixes

October 16, 2023 / Blog / 0 Comments

In this blog we will discuss the science behind the cardiovascular requirements to play sixes lacrosse and how they differ from box and field lacrosse, as well as the art (science?) of picking your team based on those physiological requirements; alongside skill requirements.

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Sixes Lacrosse: The Canadian Offense

October 6, 2023 / Blog / 0 Comments

In this video, we will primarily examine the Canadian offensive attack from the World Sixes Championship final in 2022, also looking at some of the tendencies of team USA. We will also look further into the ways in which the majority of the goals in this game were scored.

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Sixes Lacrosse: Defense & Transition Wins Championships

September 29, 2023 / Blog / 0 Comments

There is certainly a case for “the best defense is a good offense” when you consider the 23-9 drubbing Canada put on the USA in the Gold medal game of the 2022 World Sixes Lacrosse Championship in Alabama, USA. However, the old saying “defense wins championships” also checks out and for me, combined with elite Defense to Offense transition, which was the secret sauce in the Canadian blow out in Alabama.

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Sixes Lacrosse: Box On A Field

September 27, 2023 / Blog / 0 Comments

As of September 24, elite lacrosse is officially over for the summer season with the conclusion of the Premier Lacrosse League playoffs and Archers LC being crowned 2023 field lacrosse champions, as well as the Burlington Blaze winning the Minto Cup and the Six Nations Chiefs winning the Mann Cup up in Canada. This got us thinking about what’s next to look forward to before the start of the upcoming NLL season in December? With all of the talk about the possible Olympic inclusion of lacrosse in 2028, the next most interesting event is the Women’s Super Sixes event being held in Oshawa, Ontario, October 6-8. In light of this event and also to celebrate last summer’s World Sixes event in Alabama, we will be doing a Six for Sixes, 6-part sixes blog/vlog series over the next 3 weeks, breaking down all things Sixes lacrosse (The Game, The Defense/Transition, The Offense/Special Teams, The Science, The Rules & The Future).

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Box Lacrosse: Special Teams

May 27, 2020 / Blog / 0 Comments

“Special Teams” are a group of players designated to perform certain duties during certain situations in the game. Power-play and short-handed are two of the most notable “special teams” used during the game due to their frequency, but other special teams include: “Face-Off/Loose Ball Team,” “Last Minute Defense/Offense" units, and the Ball Back/Rag Teams.

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Beginner Lacrosse Drills: Goaltending

May 22, 2020 / Blog / 0 Comments

Goaltending is a crucial element to any lacrosse team and is by far and away the most unique position in lacrosse. Goaltenders are the last line of defence and depending on the outcome of the game, can be hailed as heroes or scapegoats. As such, It is important for a coach to understand, teach and reinforce the fundamentals of goaltending and incorporate them into drills in practice, at all times.  Solid goaltending incorporates a certain mixture of fearlessness, sound technique and athleticism, to help prevent opposing teams from scoring.

Goaltending Lacrosse Drills - info graphic depicting the goaltending save cycle

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Beginner Lacrosse Drills: Motion Offense

May 15, 2020 / Blog / 0 Comments

Upon transitioning the ball from defense to offense teams will get into the phase of the game known as their set-offense, otherwise known as their offensive system.  For beginners (8-16 year olds), this is a very simple set of goals/objectives on offense (different for each age group), usually taught within the framework of the “motion offense,” which is the most basic offensive system and ultimately the focus of this blog.

Pro lacrosse players in a game situation executing a give and go play

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Beginner Lacrosse Drills: Shooting

May 7, 2020 / Blog / 0 Comments

There are 2 styles of shot in lacrosse:  shooting-on-the-run (which is the most frequent) & set-shooting (which is the focus of this article).  Using a basketball analogy, for a set-shot think Steph Curry with his feet set, perfect balance, dropping a bomb from long range with perfect form.  For a shot-on-the-run, picture Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant slashing to the net and pulling up for an off-balance jump shot.

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Beginner Lacrosse Drills: Dodging (Ball Protection)

April 30, 2020 / Blog / 0 Comments

Once basic ball protection has been covered off in both static and dynamic fashion (as seen in our Basic Practice Plans), the next step is to “make moves” to get around defenders, learning how to change directions and change speeds while manipulating the lacrosse stick.

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Beginner Lacrosse Drills: Loose Balls

April 23, 2020 / Blog / 0 Comments

Assuming the basics of scooping through the ball, trapping & scooping, “scoop-tuck & turn,” and “scoop to triple-threat” have been covered off in both static and dynamic fashion (as seen in our Basic Practice Plans, the next step is to start preparing players to get loose balls in traffic (against an opponent).  Little nuances such as boxing out, “keeping it alive” for a teammate to come in and scoop it, other times poking at, kicking or batting the ball to gain an advantage, all come into play; all of which are worthy of drills in and of themselves!


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Beginner Lacrosse Drills: Basic Defense

April 16, 2020 / Blog / 0 Comments

Outside of the fundamental footwork described in our FREE "Fundamental Lacrosse Practices," landmarking the top-shoulder of your check (the person you are covering defensively) while in a "closed stance," is the proper defensive technique when checking a player on the ball-side of the defense.


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Beginner Lacrosse Drills: Don’t Start With Passing & Catching!

April 1, 2020 / Blog / 0 Comments

The fundamentals of lacrosse include:  Basic Defense, Scooping (Loose Balls), Cradling/Ball Protection, Basic Transition, Passing, Catching, Shooting & Basic Offense (appearing hypothetically in that order).  You play good defense, knock the ball loose, pick it up, protect it and/or cradle it forward, pass the ball to any open players ahead of you, catch the pass and then shoot it if you are undefended and in the middle of the defense; otherwise creating a shot with basic offensive maneuvers.

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